sunshine paradise
welcome to paradise! we're a no wc, shipper-app site set in the fictional town of sunshine paradise, north carolina. please register in FIRST LAST in LOWERCASE letters, i.e. taylor swift!
it's currently may 2015, and the temperature is warming up. locals are still reeling from the death of bethany edwards last month right as tourist season begins to pick up. the miss sunshine pageant is proceeding like normal, but not without protests from locals who say it should be cancelled in honor of bethany. the mayoral race has come to a full halt and the fbi have begun to roam around town. tensions are high and with the upcoming tourist season - there's no telling what could happen.

15.01 Abertura do Fórum! Seja Bem Vindo ao Seventh Seal e a um mundo em guerra.

24.01 OFICIAL #1 - O Festival de Vänstows se aproxima, não perca!.

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